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Hello, I'm Mike Grouchy

I'm the CEO of Pagecloud. I am interested in the craft of building products, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

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About me, 2019 Edition

Usually on this website, I would include an "about" page, but at the end of 2018 I did two interviews that covers everything from my start in computers to what I am doing now at PageCloud and the work I was doing on Pycoders before its transition to Real Python. These are those: 1. Python Community Interview with Mike Grouchy

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Yes, your code does need comments

I imagine that this post is going to draw the ire of some. It seems like every time I mention this on Twitter or anywhere else there is always some pushback from people who think that putting comments in your code is a waste of time. I think your code needs comments, but so we have a mutual understanding, let's qualify that.

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Using Johnny Cache with Heroku and Memcachier

Johnny Cache is a pretty great caching framework for Django. For most apps you can drop Johnny-cache in and depending on your Django project get a good result right out of the box. If this sounds appealing check out the docs for more details. A recent issue that I have run into is that a deploying a Django App on Heroku with Johnny Cache does not w...

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Write less code.

One of the fundamental truths of software development is that you have to write code, but one of the biggest fallacies is the idea that writing code is your job. When I first started out as a software developer, I fell into that trap, writing code is a powerful thing, its empowering, you feel like you are productive and you are accomplishing things...

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