Mike Grouchy

Ambitious Python Developer, Beer drinker and lover of all things basketball.


Projects of all sorts exist here. Questions about any of these? Email me at mgrouchy@gmail.com.

Pycoder's Weekly

URL: http://pycoders.com
Twitter: @pycoders
Description: If you are interested in Python this is the newsletter for you. Every week Mahdi Yusuf and I deliver all the latest Python news, discussions, projects and articles directly to your inbox.

Python Jobs HQ

URL: http://pythonjobshq.com
Description: This is the companion job site for Pycoder's Weekly. We are actively looking to bring in the best employers and put these jobs in front of the most talented developers.


URL: http://github.com/mgrouchy/django-stronghold
Description: Stronghold is some middleware that defaults all your Django views login_required.


URL: http://hoopsmachine.com
Description: HoopsMachine - Bringing You Basketball News With Science