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Changes to Python Jobs HQ

We are rolling out some changes to Python Jobs HQ today which I think will add some greater value for people who post their jobs on there.

What is Changing?

First thing is that python job postings will be longer in duration. They will now be 45 instead of 30 days and as a consequence of this the price will be changing from 149$ to 199$ per ad.

The second change is that besides having your Job ad tweeted by the Pycoder's Twitter account we will also be adding your Job ad to the Pycoder's Weekly newsletter in a brand new "Python Jobs" section twice in the 45 day duration of your job post.

What about current job posts?

If you already have a job post at this time we will be matching these changes for your current job post at no extra charge. We have increased the length of your posting by 15 days to meet the 45 and we will be looking to meet our 2 issue minimum for your Job posting over the next couple of weeks.

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