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Announcing Django-Stronghold

I spent much of last year trying to turn up my open source contributions so I spent much of my time contributing to other peoples open source projects. Its 2013 and its a new year, so I am making a push to get some open source projects that I have had in the pipe actually out there in the wild.

The first of these is django-stronghold.

If you are a Django developer and you have worked on a Django project of any size, you might have coded something like this already which makes it the perfect target for open source.

Stronghold defaults your Django project to private. This means that via some middleware all your Django views become login_required. Stronghold also provides some mechanisims to make views public via a decorator or whitelisting some of your url patterns. If this sounds useful to you check it out. If you run into any issues please let me know!

Shout out to Richard Blair for help with this.

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