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The Setup

This post is inspired by Mahdi and The Setup. I had originally written a rather terrible post about my development toolbox so I figured it was time to revisit this and get it right for people who care.


Not a lot going on here, nothing fancy. Just macs, running OSX Lion. The hardware is a bit older, but I spend most of my time in a terminal, so I don't really notice so much.


  • 2008 Aluminum Macbook, 4GB ram
  • Magic Mouse
  • Standard Apple wired keyboard (I like having the numberpad and not having to be worried about batteries)
  • 27" Cinema Display

Out of all these things, I would have to say the cinema display is incredible. I don't normally use my laptop screen when it is connected to the cinema display to avoid RSI issues, however, when I do have it open its normally just for the rdio client.


  • 2010 iMac 21.5", 8GB Ram
  • Magic Mouse
  • Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard

I don't use this often, as it is the computer my wife uses primarily. I only tend to use it when I don't feel like slogging around with my laptop at home, or I have left it at the office or something.

I have also taken to writing drafts for my blogposts using Github Gists with my 1st Generation 32GB iPad and the apple bluetooth keyboard. I have found this to be a fantastic way to write a blogpost or a little code while out at a coffee shop or anywhere else when I am on the go.


Like I said earlier, I don't spend too much time outside the console, but when I do these are the things I couldn't live without.

  • Moom - This is an awesome app, it allows you to tile windows in OSX, attach hotkeys to tiling commands and a bunch of other niceties that don't exist on OSX.
  • rdio - As I mentioned earlier, I use rdio. I listen to music all the time while coding, or thinking or just about anything, so I have rdio going basically all the time.
  • Flint - We use campfire for team chat in the office so I use flint for that.
  • Chrome - The web browser of champions, I pretty much use Chrome exclusively now and normally have way too many tabs open.
  • Skitch - I use skitch for taking screenshots on OSX it has really great support for simple editing and cropping of your screenshots that I would have a hard time switching to anything else. I dont use their server anymore for storage of my screenshots, I have a proxy set up using heroku to send my screenshots to a Amazon S3 bucket. This is accomplished with s3itch.
  • Dropbox -Dropbox is fantastic. I store all the git repos I am working on in Github and it has saved my butt a few times now. I can feel safe everything is backed up and even untracked files(in git) are being versioned, just incase I delete a untracked file I end up needing.
  • Alfred - Alfred is an indispensable quick launcher app in the vein of quicksilver. I spend most of my time with my hands off the mouse so I don't know what I would do without Alfred.
  • RescueTime - I work pretty hard to try to stay productive and at the very least stay knowledgeable about where my time is going. RescueTime helps with that by tracking what I do on the computer every day.

Command Line Life

The command line is where I spend most of my time, on OSX I don't use the terminal software that comes with OSX, I use iTerm2. In that terminal I use:

vim screenshot

  • tmux - Tmux is great. Its a great alternative to gnu screen, highly configurable and looks great.

tmux screenshot

  • bpython - bpython is improved interface to the Python interpreter. It supports syntax highlighting, autocomplete and a bunch of other useful features. I usually have bpython open all day every day.

bpython screenshot

On My desk


A bunch of Pycoders stickers

Pycoders Sickers!

Thats about it. What does your setup look like?

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