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My Development Toolbox: An Introduction

Lately I have seen a bunch of posts where bloggers, developers, etc. talk about their current development environments and hardware. I really enjoy these posts because its always nice to see what tools other developers are using, so I thought I would chip in with a few blog posts of my own. In a couple of "My Toolbox" posts, I will talk about the hardware and software I use to do my work as Software Developer(currently doing mostly Python/Django work at SWIX.

All in all the hardware I use in the office is pretty basic. I currently use a 13.3-Inch MacBook Pro, a pretty standard Dell 22-inch monitor, standard Apple keyboard and the amazing Apple Magic Mouse.

Nothing fancy going on there, pretty standard hardware configuration and generally what everyone in the office currently uses as we all tend to work both in the office and from home from time to time. This hardware is essentially the perfect setup for the work that I do. Generally the apps that I use are pretty light and I find the 13.3 inch Macbook Pro to be pretty zippy. Probably the only thing that would be a good upgrade would be from the 22-24 inch monitor to maybe 2-22 inch monitors.

What does your setup look like? What kind of hardware do you use?

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