Mike Grouchy

Ambitious Python Developer, Beer drinker and lover of all things basketball.

A New Blog A New Beginning

So as you can tell this all looks a bit different. This blog that you are currently reading is completely static. All of this post content is actually written in markdown and then generated as static html by Hyde. As you can tell some of the css is off and this blog isn't overly full featured. I'm considering this a work in process and a little project to import my css skills as well as a fun little thing I can work on, on the side. I will probably write a post about how to get started with hyde for people interested in trying it out.

I decided that with this new blog its a completely fresh start, I haven't carried over any of the old posts from my old blog and I could care less about the google juice I am losing because of that. In this new incarnation of the blog, I'm hoping I will post a little more consistently as well as bring a tighter focus. I have had mikegrouchy.com for 6 years and it has been a blog that entire time, but there hasn't been a lot of great content. I plan on bringing back some of my old tutorial posts that people used , but probably update them a bit which hopefully will be an improvement.

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